There are ways to enhance a cycle of steroids or hormone replacement, achieving maximum potential and making the most of the anabolic effect that each of the steroids we use can give to our body.

Although it sounds strange I tell you the truth, you can get to enhance the anabolic effect of steroids in your body by carrying out some recommendations and knowing in depth the way in which these products act in our body.

The first thing you must bear in mind before reading this post is to know something basic about how our endocrine system works, if you still do not know anything about this world I recommend you read an introduction to endocrinology 1,2 and 3 that you will find in our blog.

If it is not your case we can continue.

The first thing you should know is that testosterone and its derivatives only serve an anabolic function when they are in their free form, when they are separated from the SHBG binding globulin that transports them, before this any anabolic hormone such as testosterone loses its effect and is totally unable to join with his receiver.

Knowing this we must bear in mind that it is very important to design a cycle where we try to minimize the union of free anabolic steroids in our body with the SHBG binding globulin, but how do we achieve it?

There are different means to avoid this union and we must choose which is the best for us in a correct way.

There are two anabolic steroids that have a high affinity for this globulin and it is inevitable for these substances to bind, we could say that for the SHBG binding globulin are two very attractive substances, more than any other, and that they would prefer to join these two than to the testosterone or other derivatives.

These two anabolic steroids are proviron (mesterolone) and winstrol (stanozolol), the question is to understand which of the two we must choose.

To select one of these two sutancias as suppressor of the SHBG we must understand how each works and choose the one that we believe is best for us.

On the one hand we have proviron, an oral anabolic steroid with a rather high androgenic effect against a very poor, almost null anabolic effect. It is a known estrogen suppressant and helps lower the levels of this hormone in our bloodstream.

Winstrol, on the other hand, is an anabolic steroid that can be obtained orally or intramuscularly, it is a derivative of the very anabolic DHT, a little androgenic (totally contrary to proviron).

Both substances have a high rate of effectiveness in the suppression of SHBG, taking into account that the suppression with winstrol is much higher.

At the time of personal choice I always tend to prefer winstrol in doses of 0.2mg / kg where doses oscillate regularly between 15mg and 20mg, (remember that we seek to enhance the cycle by reducing SHBG not based on the anabolic power of winstrol).

But if you are sensitive to winstrol and tend to generate acne you can use proviron in doses of 50mg to 75mg daily. I usually prefer winstrol and prevent the proviron lowering the estrogen level a lot by decreasing the androgen receptors, which would be contradictory to the effect we are looking for (the proviron does not decrease the power of the cycle but due to this the high suppression rate of SHBG is overshadowed by the decrease in androgenic receptors.

If you have never tried this you can do it in your next cycle and check that it is possible to enhance it with tricks like this. The ideal is to use the oral winstrol in case you want to verify, taking into account always use oral anabolic steroids on an empty stomach.

How much can I boost a cycle using proviron or winstrol?

The rate of suppression of the SHBG-binding globulin in these steroids ranges from% 45 to% 55 according to the reaction of our organism and the bioavailability in the blood of each active component. It is possible to calculate an increase in the potency of steroids between% 30 to 40%, taking into account how sensitive you are to hormonal changes, but I can guarantee that you will notice the difference.