Many times in the middle of a diet it is almost impossible to avoid making a mistake, a Little candy, a delicious hamburger and a meal that can no longer be added to our menu

This is probably due to an addiction to food that can be generated over time and the sea by cultural factors or by eating disorder.

The abstinence syndrome is a common symptom that gives us a sign of an addiction to food and something to which we must pay close attention.

Research conducted by BBC Horizon in the head of Dr. Paul Kenny gives us a new perspective on this problem.

In the end we looked for the reason why the food generates addiction and the following was determined.

Dr. Paul Keny performed an analysis with the rats where he fed them with sugar, fat, “healthy food” and a mixture of %50 sugar %50 fat and the results were amazing …

Rats fed only sugar or fat were satiated by 40 or 50 grams of each as healthy-fed rats, but rats fed the formula of %50 %50 showed that they released a large amount of dopamine similar to psychoactive as the heroin, which over time generated an addiction by making the rats eat without control. After a while, by removing the food from the fat and sugar, and replacing it with healthy food, he knew that was the addition of this deadly mixture that the rats preferred to starve to eat something healthy without the proportions of fat and sugar. Thanks to this we can understand the real problem that is the addiction to food caused by foods similar to sugar and fat found in cheescakes, donuts, etc …

Since there is something like that this means that it is something very easy to achieve. Our body can adapt to the foods found in our country or to the community and by quickly changing the way we feed can generate problems in your body, that is why we have such a bad time in our trips to Caribean or Mexico, which is the Change of diet changes our digestion process suddenly until our body adapts again.

It is best to go step by step and replace the food, one by one, until you can use a healthy food and modify the diet to be 100% adapted to our new lifestyle.

If you are new to this let me tell you something … This is more of being patient.

Do not try to imitate all that time, have your own at your own pace, first start walking and then running, in a few words first learn to eat, adapt to your body to carry out a diet and finally start to carry out the super diet of Arnold or the bodybuilder that you follow or admire.

To log in and follow these tips and in a couple of weeks, you will see how to carry out your diet does not return to a rocket science:

1. Get a professional who wants a good food plan according to your goal or build your diet in case you think you have the necessary knowledge for this. (If possible, choose option 1)

2. Study well the diet and the degree of power to buy the food you need, in case it is not necessary to buy it.

3. Go shopping … Although it sounds weird this point would be one of the most important that you already have everything ready at home, avoid being filled with excuses not to take the diet and try harder to achieve your goals.

4. DO NOT start the diet from one day to the next. It is very common to hear people say “Monday my diet begins” but this is a big mistake, start slowly replacing the food. Add one by one the meals of the day changing from the last to the first meal of the day in the following way. Week 1 it replaces the dinner that you have always taken by the diet of your plan, week 2 you replace lunch, week 3 you replace the breakfast and in the following weeks you add the remaining meals.

5. Go at your own pace, do not rush the step and if you need more time to replace your meals before moving on to the next one, take a few more days or as many as necessary. Make sure you are totally used to the change you make to continue with the next one.

6. Write down your controls. Although weight is a good indicator you can not trust it much, the ideal would be to measure your body fat and look at how much it has gone up or down, and based on this result make changes or ask your advisor to do so in order to correct the consumption of calories.