Greetings community! Today I will share the best exercises for the shoulders, the shoulder is the part of the body where the arm is attached to the trunk, is formed by the conjunction of the ends of three bones: the clavicle, scapula and humerus; As well as muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The recommended exercises are the following


Front and side elevation.
The rotator cuff is an anatomical term applied to the set of muscles and tendons that provide stability to the shoulder.
To increase the size of your shoulders do these exercises and you will see results!
The shoulder is a set of several joints and ligaments that has great mobility, but mobility has its price. It can lead to increased problems of instability or compression of the soft tissue or bone structures on your shoulder, resulting in pain, which is why you must train with a good technique and guidance from an expert.

It is important to apply weight variability in the exercises, thus generating ruptures of muscle fibers that, later with the rest recover and result in greater quantity thus allowing greater recruitment of muscular fibers for the exercises, more Strength and increase the size.

Remember to eat fruits and vegetables, avoiding sodas, fatty products, simple carbohydrates like flours and cakes, propiciándole better health to your organism.

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Jhonny Diez M.
Fitness model and personal trainer