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Your metabolism will thank you: Not only to lose weight, but to keep you in the weight achieved. That is finally everyone’s concern. In addition, it allows you to stay a little further away from the risk of diseases such as diabetes. You know that the percentage of diabetics increases more every year in the world … of those who do not run !!
Your nervous system … in full calm: Running at a good pace causes you to release substances called endorphins and enkephalins. These substances act in your areas of joy, tranquility and mood of your brain. In other words: it is proven that running is a good treatment for your worries, sadness, frees your stress.
Running Your health … in bed: Running causes you to produce a substance called NO (nitrous oxide). Many researches have shown that nitrous oxide improves your circulatory system, even in the sexual organs. It is the same foundation of the pills sold to men (and women) to improve dysfunction for this reason.
Your intelligence … creative: The cognitive health of your brain is what works when you concentrate to solve difficult or complicated situations or that require your mental agility. Running improves synaptogenesis. What is that? Well, nothing less than the efficient connections of your neurons.
Your circulation … without congestion: Running greatly benefits the regulation of your blood pressure and therefore the functioning of important organs such as your heart and kidneys. The vessels are dilated, in the blood there is less risk of obstructions (thrombi) and even seem to build new small vessels called capillaries that improve irrigation in some places.


Hydration: in general and in a practical way we could say that there are four points of truth:
If you are going to run less than 60 minutes: hydration after doing it will be enough.
If you are going to run for 60 to 90 minutes: water
If you are going to run more than 90 to 120 minutes: moisturizing drink.
If you are going to run more than 120 minutes: moisturizing drink and some energy.

Costumes: To run the elegance and the presence there are not too many. Light colored garments, tight, in cotton or absorbent on sunny days to eliminate the excess heat you produce. For cold days, dark colors, thick textures, loose, to help you keep the heat that your muscles need. The cap: for sweat, for the sun, for the cold, for the hair. Remember that your comfort is the best reason when choosing.
Running shoes
Shoes: “When the problem is in the shoe, one of the feet is forgotten”. Pray an oriental proverb. While it is true that shoes count when it comes to running, it is your feet, your legs that you should have in shape. For a good foot any shoe runs! Modern designs with reinforcements, air chambers and multiple compartments increase the cost of running and add very little to your health.

Pulsometer: While it is true that the pulse or heart rate are important elements to monitor the effort, the pulsometers have two very precise indications when running:
By medical prescription for any disease, especially cardiovascular.
Because your training plan is so sophisticated that you follow up with concepts such as aerobic power, lactate threshold, etc.
If not, you have only been prey to the marketing that makes you consume what you do not need
Warm up?
Activation is better … A couple of dynamic stretches and if you have suggested another pair of activation exercises and start progressively until you reach your personal step. If you do not have any medical indication just start soft and after about 5-7 minutes you will be ready to take your personal step. A stretching program with different exercises? Leave that reserved for after running, your body will thank you.

Walk … Walk for 2 to 4 minutes and if you still have time: stretch and breathe in a relaxed way, ideally on the floor. After running your muscles you want to rest and start your recovery. It’s a good time to hydrate, too.

Jhonny Diez M.
Fitness model and personal trainer